What are Men’s Co-ord Sets?

mens co-ord sets

What are Men’s Co-ord Sets

Interested to know what’s all the fuss about mens co-ord sets? Read on to find out!

Are you a man who likes to keep up with the latest trends? If so, you may be wondering what co-ord sets are and whether or not they are right for you. In this blog post, we will discuss what co-ord sets are, the benefits of wearing them, and how to style them in a way that is perfect for you. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this fashion trend, keep reading!

What are men’s co-ord sets and what do they look like?

M022 scaled

Co-ord sets are short for co-ordinated sets, wherein an outfit is created with different separates that’s meant to be worn together. They’re either coordinated on the basis of colour, pattern or overall style and almost always have atleast two separate elements that need to be worn together.

Mens co-ord sets are co-ord sets created for men – either a combination of Trousers and Shirt or and Indo-Wester Kurti and Pants combo instead.

How can you style men’s co-ord sets to create different looks for different occasions?

The best thing about co-ord sets are that apart from being an outfit on their own, you can pair them with other separates from your wardrobe and create multiple combinations to suit every occasion!


M021. scaledNow let’s take a look at this lovely 3 piece co-ord set with a tie and die jacket and pants combo paired with a navy blue shirt. You could wear just the pants and shirt, you could throw the jacket on with an all white ensemble or pair the pants with a black shirt for an incredibly smart and stylish look.

No matter the occasion, owning a couple of co-ord sets can help you create multiple outfits at one go and the best part? You get at minimum two pieces of great clothing at one price!

Our Top 3 Mens Co-Ord Set Looks on Handtribe

Here at Handtribe we love our collection of designer co-ord sets that can be tailored to your exact measurements. Here are our favourite ones from the entire collection available here: https://handtribe.com/product-category/men/


Option #1: Men’s Single Slit Co-Ord Set in Dark Brown

M019 scaled

A suave look that can easily take you from office to a night of drinks after work. A true co-ord set that’s a classic look.



M010 scaled

We love this colour combination. The striking red of the shirt with faux leather detailing paired with classic brown pants – a casual cool look you’ll be wearing as often as possible.


Option #3: Straight Cut Kurti & Pant Set

M008 scaledOur favourite one of the lot, this is an Indo Western look you’re gonna enjoy lounging in – as stylishly as possible. Truly one for the ages.

So, what are men’s co-ord sets? They are two pieces of clothing that match in terms of color and style. Men’s co-ord sets can be styled to create different looks for different occasions, and they offer a lot of benefits over separates or a full suit ensemble. The next time you need to dress up for a special occasion or want to look sharp at the office, try a men’s co-ord set.

Don’t forget to share this and let us know how you like wearing men’s co-ords!



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