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Buy Unique ashtrays Online at Handtribe

Who says ashtrays got to be boring? Check out these design marvels here on Handtribe.

Buy Unique Ashtrays on Handtribe


You don’t have to smoke cigarettes (or, um, other things ) to enjoy a nice-looking ashtray. These days the coolest, most design-focused ashtrays can be used to house anything from air plants and jewelry to keys and spare change. Heck, you can even use them as objets d’art by throwing one on top of a pile of coffee-table books. We went looking for the best of the bunch, the ones that look like they came from a design boutique and cost a pretty penny, but actually won’t put you back more than Rs. 500!


The conventional ashtrays are cylindrically shallow and have a flat base. You can find these conventional ashtrays online as well as explore some new designs and colours. These trays look good from an aesthetic point of view when placed on a table as decor pieces or even paperweights. The thoughtful and intricate designs of this classic bar accessory will amaze you. 


Our unique ashtrays at Handtribe are made up of fire-retardant concrete and feature stunning, never seen before designs.


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