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Sustainable Corporate Gifts - The Next Big Thing

Why the sustainability movement is here to stay and how it's impacting corporate gifting.

It is easy to build trusting relationships by giving gifts to employees and clients. A thoughtful gesture, such as a small gift or a thank you note, is appreciated by everyone. What if the gift you give your clients helps save the environment?

What are sustainable corporate gifts?

Your clients and employees will be more environmentally conscious if they receive sustainable gifts. You can also use them to make a statement about what your values are.

Instead of reaching out for another gift basket or pen emblazoned in your company colors, think about ways you can help people reduce their environmental impact and be more responsible.

Your company can give you a sustainable gift that says three things.

  1. Your contribution to our business/company is greatly appreciated.
  2. We care about the Earth and reduce our impact.
  3. We are here to assist you in this endeavor.

Who should give sustainable business gifts to?

Gifts that give back to the planet are a great way to align your brand and business. These gifts demonstrate your commitment to the environment and help build customer loyalty. Gifts to employees and clients are more than just eco-friendly promotional products. They show appreciation and recognition.

Who should be given sustainable gifts?

Forbes magazine reported that handmade, artisanal and sustainably made gifts for customers and clients are more memorable than gifts from businesses. These eco-friendly gifts were also preferred by C-suite executives. (Hint, they’re not only for the mailroom clerk.)

What makes a gift durable?

Although “Sustainable”, is not a term that can be regulated, this catchword usually includes gifts that fall within one of these categories:

  • Gifts made of recycled, eco-friendly or repurposed materials
  • Items made from organic or locally-sourced materials
  • Alternative materials and items made from certified sustainable methods (e.g. Free from harmful dyes, bleaching and other chemicals
  • Products that help reduce single-use plastics (e.g. Zero waste alternatives
  • Products that have been certified to meet sustainable industry standards

What are the most effective business gifting criteria?

These are the criteria for choosing sustainable corporate gifts:

  1. Reaffirm your company’s values. Giving a reusable coffee cup and a set of honeywax wraps is a way to show your support for the issue. It also shares a useful product.
  2. Showcase the quality of your relationships. Companies give gifts to top clients that reflect their contributions to the company. This often means that executives, VPs and clients with higher levels of importance will receive a more valuable gift. It’s important to prioritize quality over quantity.
  3. Follow company policy. There may be restrictions on the amount of gifts an employee can accept from companies. If you are giving gifts outside of your business, be sure to review these rules.
  4. Personalize your gift cards. Ask someone to add your personal message if you are unable to. Handwritten notes are a way to show your love for the gift receiver.
  5. Gifts that are well presented. It’s easy to forget what’s inside if you do not care about the exterior.
  6. They are useful. Consider what people can use, and then veer toward practicality.
  7. Gifts aren’t always brandable. No longer. Branded gifts communicate that your company is more important than thanking the recipient with a gift. What is the purpose of this gift? Is it a present, promotional gift or marketing opportunity?
  8. Not just for holidays. Many companies are now moving to a New Year’s present, which is less likely to get lost in the Christmas rush and seasonal giving. Another way to add personal touches is to give birthday gifts.

Corporate giving made easy

More and more companies offer corporate gifting services, including our team at Handtribe.

To contact us for queries, please visit our Corporate Gifting page here: https://handtribe.com/corporate-gifting/

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