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Got questions about selling on Handtribe?
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We are a marketplace built especially for artists, designers and small businesses looking to showcase their unique products online. We strive to promote beautiful, hard to find products on our platform and are constantly looking for Sellers that fit the bill. So if this is you, please register yourself on our platform or reach out to us at and we’d love to help you get started.

To start your journey with Handtribe, all you require is any Government approved Personal ID proof that is to be uploaded during the account registration process (in either image or pdf form). If you have a GST number associated with your brand, we’d require that as well. Please note that GST is compulsory for Sellers who have an annual turnover of Rs. 20,00,000 and above. Do get in touch with your CA to get a better idea.

However, our emphasis is on bringing in companies of all sizes so whether you are an established brand or a person just starting their online retail journey, we’re happy to have you on board.

Handtribe is a curated marketplace which means that all products on our website go through a stringent quality check to ensure that our buyers get the best products, always. This implies that we have a right to approve and include only the products that we see fit for our platform, regardless of the size of the catalog uploaded or sent to us for approval.

Furthermore, it is important to note that every Handtribe seller is solely responsible for their shop and listings. It is strictly prohibited to sell stolen or counterfeit goods. Listings for items that are stolen or counterfeit will be deleted and any accounts associated with these listings may suspended or banned. Further action, including criminal prosecution, may be taken. Items clearly described as “imitation,” “inspired,” or “fake” are also prohibited.

Importantly, all GST rates should be included within the price of the product, as it is not passed on separately to the customer.

GST charges are not added separately to the price of the product. Instead, all GST rates are expected to be included in the price of the product.


Creating an account on Handtribe is super easy!


Step 1. Click on the Sell on Handtribe button, which can be found both on our menu as well as our footer.

Step 2. Check out the page for some additional details and useful information on why you should sign up. If you’re sure, just head straight for the Register Now button.

Step 3. Fill out the form, which asks for your personal details along with a personal ID proof in the form of a PDF or image for upload.


And you’re done! You can log in to your account using the email and password details you’ve just created and start creating your shop profile, adding your listings and begin your journey as a Seller on our platform!

Your Shop Profile on Handtribe contains all the details about your brand – right from a brief description about your products to the shop policies that you follow, it is a representation of what you are all about. It also helps us populate your shop micro-site, which is a unique section on the site that contains only your products. A well written shop profile helps send a clearer message to buyers, showcases your brand in the best light and consequently, gets you more buyers. It is also a great way for promoting your products that our live on our marketplace.

You will need the following details to successfully complete your shop profile –

  • A profile picture – This can be your brand logo or any other image that you see fit.
  • A banner image – This is placed as a header on your store’s microsite, similar to Facebook’s banner image.
  • A brief description about your brand
  • Store policies if any
  • What categories you will be selling


And you’re done!

Please note that a completed Shop Profile is not compulsory to start selling on Handtribe. However, a completed profile ensures better rates of brand awareness as well as visibility, helping you gain more sales through our website.

Adding your products on Handtribe is an absolute breeze. Just log into to your seller account and press the prominent Add a New Product button to get started.

For your products to go live, they undergo a strict admin approval process right after you’ve updated your store. Once the products have been checked and we have curated the listings that we wish to add to our website, we make the products go live for buyers to shop from on our website.


To begin, click the ‘Add a Product’ tab on your Seller Dashboard.

Step 1: Add Photos 

Start by adding images to your listing. Click the Browse icon to add product images from your drive.

  • This is the most important part of your listing so make sure that you have greats shots of your product from multiple angles. 
  • We do not have any strict requirements when it comes to the image background, so feel free to be creative with your product shots. As long as they look good and highlight your product, we are happy.
  • Your images should be between (800-1000) pixels wide. The height can vary. Images more than 1000 pixels wide will be distorted.
  • Your first product’s image becomes your listing’s thumbnail in searches, your shop, and elsewhere on the site.
  • We recommend adding five images so that your Customers get a complete view of your Product.
  • Please ensure that the images being added do not reach 1 MB in size.

Additionally, you can upload a video of your product to give Customers an idea of how the product looks in real life.


Step 2: Adding category details

Adding Category and Subcategory:

Dropdown menus are provided to help you assign your products to the right category.


Here, you can add the sizes that your product is available in (if this attribute is applicable).


Specify the colours in which the product is available in.

Upload Size Chart

Upload an image of a size chart that specifies the details of the size dimensions that are applicable to your products. This step is compulsory for product categories under Clothing and Shoes.

Add product to another category

This feature helps you add your product to other categories, when you find that your product is relevant to multiple categories on the website.


Step 3: Adding product details


Each item must have a descriptive title. Keep in mind what words buyers use when looking for your products. All titles have a 140 character limit. 

About the product:

Mention a brief description about your product, including details such as size, materials used and other features unique to your product. Think about how your buyers will view your product, so be as descriptive and specific as possible.

Tell us how it can be personalized

This option turns up when your product is added under the Personalized category. Here you can specify in what ways the product can be personalized, be it colour, text etc.

Tell us the maximum character limit to be used

This helps us let the buyer know the character limit for a possible customization on the order.

In the next section, you will be asked to add additional data pertaining to your product that helps us provide detailed information to our buyers.  This ranges from compulsory attributes such as 

  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Ingredients Used
  • Set of
  • Care Instructions 

You are also provided with additional space to add your own details are per the details created by your brand.


Add the Price of your product.

Discount Price

Add the discounted price of your product. This is useful when you are running any special sales or discounts in a bid to increase your brand’s sales volume.


Step 4: Shipping

Shipping Price:

Here, you can add the Shipping Price of your product. In case you have opted for Handtribe shipping, the price will be calculated as per the package weight and dimensions provided by you. This price is then shown separately during the Checkout process.

Ready to Dispatch in:

This is the processing time i.e. the length of time between when your product is ordered and by when you are ready to ship it.

Item Weight & Dimensions:

We take measurements into account to calculate the accurate cost of Shipping, just for you.

Ensure that your packaging reflects the same dimensions and weight as mentioned here.


Step 5: Get More Exposure

Titles and tags help Buyers find your item when they search on Handtribe. Some things to consider when tagging your listing:

  • Item’s shape and size
  • What is it used for
  • How was it made
  • Colour, style, materials, content, and motifs


Think like a Buyer – what words would you use to search for this item?

Add these across the tabs for Tags, Style and Material.

Click the Add Product tab when you are content with your product.

After the Admin approval process, that takes 24 hours, your products go live! This means that your products will now be available to all visitors at

To succeed as a seller at Handtribe all you need is a stellar collection of product images, and detailed information about your product such as the material used, the product dimensions, care instructions if any and other kinds of information that are relevant depending upon the category of the product being added.

Ofcourse! Handtribe is more than happy to help out its vendors with their product upload process. You can email us at with your request post which, you will be sent an Excel Sheet of the format in which we need all your information. Once you complete the sheet and the products have been cross checked at our end, we will proceed with adding all your products for you!

You can also call us at 022-26007799 if you have any inquiries about this process.

Changing your product’s price, or any detail for that matter, is a super easy process. Just log into your account, head to the Manage Products section, and click the Edit button on your choice of product to go ahead and change any and all details of your product Alternatively, you can email us your requirements at and we can make the price changes on your behalf.

In case, you want to delist / deactivate the product, you can go to just head to your seller dashboard and click the Delete button on the product thumbnail to remove that listing from your store

To update the quantity of your product, just click on the Edit icon on top of the listing of your choice and head to the quantities section to select the current stock value of the product.

We suggest you update the quantity of your product by going to your Dashboard, and clicking on the Edit option of the product in question to update its available quantity to zero. If you won’t be restocking the product anymore, you can also delete the listing by clicking the Delete icon on the thumbnail instead. Please note that in case you have to cancel orders due to failure in making regular stock updates, you will be charged Rs. 100 as a penalty on your next order at Handtribe.

In case you don’t accept an order within 48 hours, it will be automatically cancelled. Also, cancellation of orders will lead to a penalty of Rs. 100 on your next order at Handtribe. Hence would request you to keep sending us the stock updates in case your products are  out of stock to avoid any troubles.

The Handtribe team will select items based on its level of uniqueness, functionality, price and product details. These handpicked items will be selected and put up in our collections.


At Handtribe, we put a great emphasis on providing our Buyers with the best possible experience – this extends to the order packaging as well. Follow the steps outlined below and we’re sure you’ll be golden – 

  1. Make sure to use the right material for packaging your products. For example, Home Decor Items and any delicate products should be wrapped in layers of bubble wrap to ensure that the product quality remains preserved during shipping.
  2. Use a cardboard box or carton for heavy shipments and a plastic flyer for smaller ones. 
  3. Ideally, you should go for your own Shipping Carrier as it gives you control over your shipping price, which in turn can lead to you getting more Buyers than people using Handtribe Shipping (where we charge a flat Rs. 70 every 0.5 kg) Also, at any given point we do not claim responsibility for any damages sustained during shipping when option for the Handtribe Shipping option.

Your best bet is to keep your shipping charges zero (or if you have to, keep it at a minimal rate). This is primarily because online shoppers hate to pay extra in terms of shipping, by subsuming the cost of delivering the product into your product price, you can create a favourable impression on Buyers, which can lead to better gains in terms of order volume

Since you have received this order from Handtribe, we expect you to not include any promotional material that promotes just your own products, your website, or your products on other platforms, Failure to follow this rule can result in a penalty of Rs. 100 being applied to your next order on the website.

As soon as the buyer purchases your product, you will be notified for the same via an order email, Phone call as well as SMS. You can ship your product via Handtribe or via your own courier company as agreed upon during the seller registration process.

Currently, we ship all over India as per the pin-codes serviceable by us.

There are two shipping options for fulfilling your orders at Handtribe:

  1. Ship using Handtribe
  2. Ship using your own courier partner


For shipping under Handtribe, we follow a cost structure of Rs. 70 for each 0.5 kgs of package weight.

For example, if your product weighs 1 Kg, the shipping price would be Rs. 140. The weight used can be either the actual weight of the package or its volumetric weight. The volumetric weight is calculated using the dimensions of the package, with the formula being (length (l)x breadth (b) x height (h))/5000.

 However, buyers are usually put off by high shipping rates, so we suggest you use your own shipping partner and keep your shipping costs nil and/or as low as possible to encourage product sales.

Because of its credibility and reliability. When you “Ship with Handtribe”  

However, please note that Handtribe does not provide Shipping for vendors selling products in the Home and Lifestyle categories and/or for products above the weight of 2 Kgs and/or above Rs. 5000.

If you choose to ship on your own, a valid tracking number is required in order to complete a transaction. If you ship without a valid tracking number, then it is subject to order cancellation.

Also, we need to be intimated about the tracking number, as the same is further communicated to the buyer, so that he/she can track the shipping status of their order.

Handtribe tracks the shipment status of the order. Only after the order is successfully delivered without a glitch do we process the funds to the seller’s account.

A flat fee of Rs. 60 is charged for every COD order under Handtribe Shipping. If you are using your own Shipping, you can add the cost of shipping separately to the price of the product. 

We suggest you use your own Shipping partner while carrying out orders at Handtribe so that these charges can be kept as low as possible. When you carry out COD orders with your own shipping partner, you receive the order amount, not Handtribe. In this case, Handtribe raises an invoice to you and you will need to transfer the commission charges to our account.

Products should be dispatched strictly as per the dispatch time mentioned in the product uploads page. Failure to do so can result in a penalty of Rs. 100 that will be charged on your next order at Handtribe.

Seller has to ensure that when he Clicks on ‘Ship through Handtribe’, he readies the parcel as his shipment will be picked up by courier companies within 12-24 hours of this action taken on the website.

If the buyer claims that he/she hasn’t got the product, then check the tracking information for the shipment. If you have shipped through Handtribe, then we will take the charge and look into the matter. In case you have shipped yourself, then you need to contact your shipper. We will not be able to assist you, but it would be your responsibility to ensure the product is delivered to the buyer.

Our logistics partners provide insurance of up-to Rs 1,000. Additionally, if you want, Handtribe allows for its sellers to handle their own shipping and logistics.

Ofcourse! At Handtribe, we pride ourselves in creating the kind of platform that provides our Sellers with the complete freedom of handling their store by themselves, including when it comes to COD orders.

If you carry out a COD order that you have received via Handtribe, instead of receiving money from Handtribe, you will be the one transferring our commission charges to us instead. Once we confirm that the order has been successfully fulfilled, we will raise an invoice detailing our commission charges, which will be sent to you along with our Bank details. You are expected to transfer our commission amount to us post that. Failure to transfer the amount within 21 days after the Buyer receives their product will lead to a penalty charge of Rs. 100 being levied on your next order with Handtribe.

Since you will be handling your own Shipping, it is your responsibility to ensure that the product is packed well and that the shipping partner delivers it with adequate care. 

When any Return or Refund request is generated due to product being damaged during shipping, the cost for this will be borne by you, the Seller.


After the buyer is satisfied with the product received and does not initiate return within 7 days, then we will transfer the complete order value after deducting 20% Handtribe commission + 18% GST, shipping cost and COD charges (If applicable).

Once the order has been successfully fulfilled, we wait for a period of 7 days for the Buyer to raise a request for a Refund or Return if any. Once it has been confirmed that there are no open issues, we transfer the payment for the product in the next payment cycle.

We do payouts twice a month, every month.

After every payout, we send across an email with an invoice detailing the calculation of your payment. If for any reason you need some clarifications, or you want us to correct some detail on your invoice, please email us at with your query or call us at 022-26007799 to get some clarity.

With each order, you are emailed a copy of the invoice for your order. Along with this, you can access your invoices in your Dashboard by going to your Orders section, heading towards the order in question and downloading the Retail Invoice for the same.

Here, all the invoices are made on a product basis, with an Order ID being created for each product that is sold. This is to ensure minimum confusion when you receive multiple orders on the site.

  • The Retail Invoice is the invoice outlining the specifications of the order that you have received, it includes shipping charges, discount totals and all the details of the Buyer who has bought your product.
  • A  Commission Note, on the other hand, is an invoice outlining the calculation of the commission that is to be received by Handtribe on each order that you receive on the website.

Not compulsorily. At Handtribe, we help Sellers run their store in accordance with their own shop policies, which means that you can decide to not offer returns as well as refunds if you see fit. Please note that products under the Personalized category are not eligible for Returns or Refunds automatically.

However, under certain conditions, Handtribe permits a Returns or Refund request, regardless of the Seller’s policies. These conditions are – 

  1. When the product is received damaged by the buyer.
  2. When the wrong product has been sent to the Buyer (wrong colour, wrong size, wrong quantity).
  3. When the product received is not as per the image provided by the Seller.

Under these conditions, a Buyer’s request for a Return or Refund is considered valid and is proven to be true, must be fulfilled by the Seller. However, it is compulsory to make the request has to be made within 7 days of the Buyer receiving the product.

If the Return request is due to the conditions specified in the FAQ above, the shipping cost must be borne by the Seller.

However, in the event that a Buyer wants to exchange their product for a different colour or size, the cost of shipping the product back to the Seller is borne by the Buyer in question.

Yes, in the event that you receive 3 consecutive Return or Refund requests for your orders for the issues of poor quality or wrong product being sent, we will block your store till these quality control issues can be resolved to maintain and protect the quality of our marketplace.

You can refer to Handtribe’s Return policy here.

Yes. To protect our vendors, we have ensured that no such tickets are accepted under the following conditions – 

  • Return request is made outside the specified time frame i.e. within 7 days of receiving the parcel
  • All products under the Personalized Category as well as Made to Order products.
  • Product is damaged because of use or Product is not in the same condition as you compared to when you shipped it
  • Any consumable item which has been used (such as products from the Wellness category)
  • Anything missing from the package you’ve received including price tags, labels, original packing, freebies and accessories

This is an unfortunate scenario that can be easily avoided via regular stock updates. While you can go ahead and cancel the order, 3 consecutive cancellations due to product being out of stock will result in Handtribe charging you a penalty of Rs. 100, additional to our commission rate, to ensure that this situation does not happen again.

Order cancellations from buyers should be generally accepted. However, they should not be accepted under the following conditions 

  1. The product is from the Personalized Category
  2. The product is Made to Order and its production has already been launched
  3. If the product has been already been dispatched

If the order does not fall under these conditions, a Buyer’s Cancellation request must be accepted.


To ensure that our customers get the best possible experience at all times, we have penalties attached to behaviour that irks Buyers, namely Product Cancellations as well as Return Requests for damaged products, wrong products and products of poor quality.

In any of these cases,  Rs. 100 is deducted from your next order at Handtribe, to ensure that you remain motivated to keeping your stocks updated and providing the best quality to buyers, always.

They will be deducted from your next order at Handtribe.

The conditions are as follows –

    1. Returns generated due to wrong order being sent.
    2. Returns generated due to product not being up to quality standards.
    3. Cancellation of Orders due to product being out of stock. 
    4. Failure to dispatch product within the specified Ready to Dispatch date provided by the Seller.

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