Sell on Handtribe

Sell on Handtribe

We are a platform built especially for artists, designers and small businesses looking to

showcase their unique products online. We strive to promote beautiful, hard-to-find products

on our platform and are constantly looking for Sellers that fit the bill.

Why Join Us?

Low Fees

Selling on Handtribe is completely free with the platform charging you a commission only when you receive an order.

Powerful Features

We are one of the only websites that lets you receive customized orders and bulk inquiries, along with running your eCommerce store as per your own terms and policies.

Hassle Free Shipping

Choose from our dedicated shipping partners or go ahead with your own local players – you have complete freedom to fulfill your orders as per your requirements.

Amazing Customer Service

Our support team is always available to answer your queries – whether you prefer emails or calls. We’re always eager to help.

Global Exposure

Give your products a global reach by tying up with us, as we provide you exposure to an international audience as well!

Here's What You Need To Get Started

  • Personal details: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email ID
  • Personal ID Proof
  • Company GST number if any (GST mandatory for sellers with turnover of Rs. 20,00,000 and above)
  • Store Details: Logo image, banner image, description

What We Expect From You

We love our buyers and want to give them the best possible impression of the vendors in our marketplace.

This means that there are certain things that a Seller on Handtribe needs to follow to ensure a great experience for all our customers

Want To Get Started?

Here's How!

Step 1

Create your seller account by signing up here.

Step 2

Complete your Seller Registration Form. Make sure to read your Seller Agreement thoroughly.

Step 3

Fill in details of your store on the Shop Profile page.

Step 4

Start adding your products. You can either do this by adding each product individually or if you have a large catalog, by emailing at for help.

Step 5

Once your shop ets approved, you’re all set to start selling!


We charge a 25% commission on every sale.

Handtribe is a curated marketplace which means that all products on our website go through a stringent quality check to ensure that our buyers get the best products, always. This implies that we have a right to approve and include only the products that we see fit for our platform, regardless of the size of the catalog uploaded or sent to us for approval.

Furthermore, it is important to note that every Handtribe seller is solely responsible for their shop and listings. It is strictly prohibited to sell stolen or counterfeit goods. Listings for items that are stolen or counterfeit will be deleted and any accounts associated with these listings may suspended or banned. Further action, including criminal prosecution, may be taken. Items clearly described as “imitation,” “inspired,” or “fake” are also prohibited.

Importantly, all GST rates should be included within the price of the product, as it is not passed on separately to the customer.

GST charges are not added separately to the price of the product. Instead, all GST rates are expected to be included in the price of the product.

That entirely depends upon you. If you have an existing tie up, we can easily use your shipping rate (specified by you) else we can go with our own shipping partners where we charge Rs. 70 per product.

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