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Plantable Stationery

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Explore our wide range of eco-friendly pencils and pens along with notebooks made out of seed paper, handcrafted inn India.

Buy Eco-friendly Plantable Stationery on Handtribe

If you’re looking for plantable pens, plantable pencils and the like, you’ve come to the right place.

Plantables are made out of seed paper. Seed paper is a special eco-friendly paper made from post-consumer materials embedded with wildflower, herb or vegetable seeds. When you plant the paper in a pot of soil or outside in a garden, the seeds in the paper germinate and grow into plants.


Plantable pencils are biodegradable (zero-waste).
Eco-friendly pencils are made of bio-degradable paper that has seeds artfully embedded in them. Once you are done using the paper plant it in a pot to witness beautiful creations of nature come to fruition. It could grow into plants, vegetables or flowers.
The usage is only constrained by your imagination!

Plantable paper is a biodegradable eco-paper that is made with post-consumer materials (no trees harmed for this paper!)and embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away. All that is left behind is flowers or vegetables and no waste. It is made of Handmade Paper which can be printed upon using Organic Coloring.

What is seed paper?
Seed paper is a one of a kind tree-free paper. Usually made with cotton rags, the seeds are thrown in during the papermaking process. This embeds the seed within the paper. When Tree free Paper decomposes in the soil, the seed inside begins to germinate. This is a perfect example of “save trees. grow more plants “.
Very simply put, seed paper is paper with seeds embedded in it- it really is just that! the theory is, you can simply plant seed paper when you’re done, thereby creating less paper waste while also making more flowers (for the bees of course!) or vegetables(for you).
Plantable paper is referred to as paper that has seeds in them. All seed infused paper can be made into bits and planted in the soil. If you nurture these seeds carefully, they will germinate and grow into little plants.
Sturdy seeds like carrots, basil, mustard, and tomatoes are the most preferred seeds. Plantable seed paper has no chemicals, and therefore safeguard the seed embedded in them. They are eco friendly and sustainable.

Does seed paper really work?
Yes, seed embedded paper works well if you use sturdy seeds such as mustard and basil. Tear the seed paper into bits, plant it in soil, and water it. The seeds should germinate in 7-10 days.

How long does Seed Paper last?
The seeds will stay embedded for a very long time if it’s stored in moderate conditions. The seed paper is usually made from cotton paper, lemongrass paper, and flax paper. The paper is handmade and it is very strong and sturdy paper.

How is plantable stationery eco-friendly?
Plantable products are made out of seed paper, which is mostly made from tree-free paper. Tree-free paper is made from sources of mulberry, cotton rags, linen rags, banana and corn husk which is very eco-friendly. The seeds will last a long time in the paper as this paper is free of chemicals. The handmade paper also decomposes quickly enough in the soil, allowing the seeds to germinate. This makes seed paper an ideal example of being eco-friendly and sustainable.

Are plantable products expensive?
If you are likely to put it in monetary terms, these plantable seed embedded products might cost you an extra buck, but it is definitely cheaper than the sinful paper in every other aspect.

What seeds are in plantables?
Small and tiny seeds are best for plantable seed paper, particularly if you plan to write on them. Seeds that work the best are flower seeds, a wildflower mix, or even herbs and vegetables.

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