The Mission

To reinvent the face of the Indian E-commerce Ecosystem, one creative entrepreneur at a time.

The Work

Do work that matters - help small businesses build an online presence using our platform to reach Buyers from all across India

Interact with the Founding Team to get a firsthand experience in the hustle required to pull off a successful venture in India.

Hone your problem solving skills as you implement your own solutions to help us build a better customer experience.

Contribute to the Handtribe Playbook - a manual for how we train the future Employees at Handtribe.

The Culture

You get to keep the hours that you want, as long as you get the work done. And mind you, we’ve got some pretty high standards here.

Will do anything for Coffee. Seriously! We have pledged our undying devotion to Americano’s and sing the Gospel of Starbucks every chance we get.

Cricket is our God. Brownie points to anyone who has a healthy obsession with the Game. You’ll fit right in.

Right from “Shorts Only Tuesday’s” to “Beer Friday’s”, we love injecting a bit of fun to our work.

The Workplace

We’re located smack in the middle of Bandra, right off Linking Road. Thinking busy lanes filled with street shopping, great entertainment and the best food options the city has to offer.

Interested to join us? We’re Hiring! Check out job openings.

Current Openings