Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2022

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Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2022

Make Father’s Day special with some sustainable gift options handpicked by us!

Dads come in all shapes and sizes, and they all love different kinds of gifts. This Father’s Day, skip the tie and the golf balls and go for something eco-friendly that your dad will love. From bamboo speakers to eco-friendly mens co-ord sets, we’ve got you covered with some great gift ideas that will make Dad happy and help the environment at the same time. 

Option#1: Eco-friendly Bill Fold Wallet

MW002 1 scaled

A functional and sleek canvas billfold wallet,  it’s made of 100% organic cotton canvas which makes it super sustainable.

It has 6 card slots with 2 deep currency pockets, so you get functionality along with an ethical product. A perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day, especially considering it’s only Rs. 349!

Grab it here.


Option #2: Poppy Navy Pure Copper Bottle

Poppy Navy Blue Copper Bottle 950 ML

Copper Bottles are fantastic for your health! With its anti-microbial properties, you’re drinking charged water that’s alkaline and full of anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial. With COVID still around, why not do a little something for your dad to help his health stay in tip-top shape?

What makes this even better is the royal blue Rajasthani print that gives the plain old copper bottle a fashionable spin.

Check it out here.


Option #3: Men’s Single Slit Co-ord Set

M019 scaled

Men’s Co-ord sets are IN. Two pieces of clothing designed to be worn together, but work great as separates as well. Who wouldn’t want in on this trend?

What’s more, these are completely customizable to your size, so no matter what body type your dad sports, he’s sure to look comfortable in these.

Check this one out here:

Option #4: Roman Ashtray in Cement Finish

Colosseum Monument Miniature Cement Finish 1

An object so attractive that the conversation will revolve around it in a room full of people. The intricate artistic details have been handcrafted by skilled professionals ensuring a fine finish. It is sure to bring a roman touch to your space. Something your dad is sure to adore.

Yours for Rs. 599 only:

Option #5: Natural Bamboo Speaker

Naad Natural Bamboo Speaker 1

It’s constructed of a solid piece of bamboo and keeps your phone in place while playing music to boost the volume. An eco-friendly item with style and comfort: can be used with any phone, no Bluetooth, no wire, and no battery. It is durable, biodegradable, and recyclable.

If your dad is a music lover, this gift is sure to get him going!

Check it out here.

And now, you’re all set for a happy, sustainable, and eco-friendly Father’s Day celebration. Do share this blog if you liked our suggestions!

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