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A very quintessentially Indian way to drink water, using copper bottles has now become a mainstay in every eco-friendly, sustainable household that values good health. 

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Drinking water from a copper bottle has consistently proven to have a myriad of health advantages. It is not just that Copper useful in keeping your digestive tract healthy and healthy, it also has the possibility of protecting the body’s defence against harmful microbes. In addition, water stored in the Copper bottle is naturally cleansed from the impurities that are contained within it. With the intention of making products that are healthy, Handtribe offers a wide assortment of copper bottles for drinking water that you can purchase from any location in India.
Handtribe is a brand renowned for its collection of sustainable products, with copper bottles being no exception. The copperware on our site is 99.99% pure, unlike shady copper manufacturers in India who produce low quality and adulterated copperware.
The copper water bottle available here at Handtribe ranged from 500ml copper water bottle to 950ml copper water bottle.

Health Benefits of Copper Water Bottle

There are several health benefits associated with using copper water bottles.

Infection fighter

Copper can be described as “oligodynamic” in nature. It eliminates all types of bacteria efficiently and helps to prevent common waterborne illnesses like dysentery, diarrhoea, and jaundice.

Better digestion

Copper aids in cleansing and cleansing the stomach. It also helps in the operation of the kidneys and liver. It helps in the intake of nutrients from food and also.

Combats hypertension and cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, copper has been proven to reduce the strain on the circulatory system, improve pulse and reduce cholesterol and fat-soluble substances levels.

Controls the ageing process

Copper is able to ward off free radicals which cause maturing. With a strong arsenal of cell framing and oxidant properties, copper is able to stay away in the formation of a few variations and triggers the formation of new healthy skin cells.

Controls thyroid gland

According to experts in well-being people suffering from thyroid issues generally are low in copper. The drinking water that is filtered through the copper vessel ensures the thyroid hormones that are required out, and can prevent hyperthyroidism (low levels of chemical thyroid) or hypothyroidism (low levels of the thyroid chemical).

Beats anaemia

Incredibly, copper is a vital mineral required in the body. It is involved in the body’s ability to retain and utilize iron our bodies, the mineral copper is able to maintain the levels of heme (iron) and also regulates the flow of iron through the veins.

Weight loss

It assists in removing excess muscle and fat effectively. It also alters the stomach-related structure and helps in losing extra kilos.

Aids in healing wounds faster

Copper is an excellent antibacterial, anti to viral infection and has soothing properties, which is the reason why it’s an amazing tool for healing wounds swiftly. In addition, it’s recognized to strengthen the invulnerable framework and assists in the development of new cells.

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