Buy Concrete Planters Online

Buy Concrete Planters Online

A hitherto industrial material that gives your home a unique, unfinished look. Must have for every modern home.

Buy Concrete Planters on Handtribe


Look no further for an exquisitely handcrafted concrete planters for your houseplants (olive tree, cactus, succulents), exotic tropical foliage (philodendron, alocasia, monstera, caladium, fiddle leaf fig, bird of paradise, croton, calathea, rubber fig, ficus audrey, dracaena, yucca, pothos, palm tree), colorful flowers or even faux/ artificial/ fake plants. With its sleek and functional design, you can easily pop in your favorite plant of choice along with its nursery plastic pot and tadah! Everything is set! No more painful hours and mess from repotting plants! Not only that, but our planters also come with weather and rust-resistant features as well as pre-drilled drainage hole and plug. This aids the pot in enhancing roots health: an excellent addition for both commercial and residential areas.


Handtribe many styles of concrete planters that are made to last! These concrete planters will not blow over like other outdoor planters on the market today. Our planters are cast out of quality concrete materials and are designed to withstand the outdoor elements year round with proper care. As shown in our catalog, you will see we offer a wide range of concrete planters that range from small to large.
All of our planters have a drain hole for the removal of excess water. When planting some of the larger planters, we recommend placing approximately 4″ of small pea gravel in the bottom of the planter before placing the soil. This helps create a better drainage system, which prevents the soil from clogging the drain hole at the bottom of the planter. 

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